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The two stage system designed to fill and pack irrigation pivot tracks in a single pass.  The TracPacker allows you to do the job once and do it right. No other machine provides the filling and packing punch of two passes with the full weight of the tractor on the tires.


THE PROBLEM:  Are you tired of bouncing over rough pivot tracks?  Are you tired of seeing heavily loaded planters jolt through tracks and watching spray booms bounce and flop with herbicide drifting all over the place? Do you sometimes think that your fully loaded combine is going to break in half when it hits the pivot tracks? Have you tried other pivot track closing systems and are unsatisfied with the concept and the performance of them?    If the answer to any of these question is "YES", you need the TracPacker®. With the patented (US Patent # 5845717) TracPacker® , there is no more bouncing over filled ridges or driving back over an entire system to pack down those ridges. Pivot tracks do not wash out or squish out to their original depth after a few irrigations. Planters, sprayers, and harvesting equipment ride smoothly through the fields over filled and packed tracks.  Click here for the TracPacker story....
THE SOLUTION:  Research has shown that an operating irrigation system will displace soil out of the track and wash it about 24 inches away from the track. The disk gangs move the displaced soil back to the track where it is packed twice into the bottom of the track. This key function gets more soil packed back in to the track and allows the refilled track to remain more stable through the irrigation season.   At an operating speed of 4 to 5 mph, you can fill and pack the tracks on a system in 1.5 to 2 hours. 

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Designed and patented by a farmer, the TracPacker® has been proven on thousands of irrigated acres from Illinois to Washington, from North Dakota to Texas as well as from Australia to Ukraine.    Satisfied TracPacker® users report that their pivot tracks are less than half as deep as tracks filled with tillage or regular track filling machines.   The TracPacker® allows you to do the job once and do it right. No other machine provides the filling and packing punch of two passes with the full weight of the tractor on the tires.   The TracPacker® allows you to do the job once and do it right.

TracPacker Advantages
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  • Over 15 times the as much in-track compaction of any other system.

  • Unique gauge wheel system out front delivers the proper amount of soil into the track

  • Smooth travel with planters, windrowers, balers, and no wildly bouncing sprayer booms

  • Shallower pivot tracks during the next irrigation season

  • Shallow pivot tracks mean less stress on tires, beams, spans, motors, and generators.  Irrigation systems simply do not work as hard to travel in shallow tracks as they do in deep tracks. 

  •  Save time, labor, and reduce farm equipment repair cost with the TracPacker.

TracPacker Models  (click any model to learn more about it)
Four different TracPacker models to meet the needs of your operation!

Two Wheel Drive Base Model


NEW In 2006 
Single Stage model


 Front Wheel Assist Model


Ridge Knocker Model

I just wanted to send you this email to thank you for a great product.  I handle the maintenance and repair and operation on 17 pivots and our pivot tracks were getting out of control and other packers just caused me more work during the summer when I had very little time to spare.  The first pivot we closed was on a 7 tower machine we use to apply effluent and we get lots of extra passes with this machine and very little down time and after fall harvest we were desperate to get it back in shape to empty the lagoons.  We closed tracks that were 18” deep and some were to wet and to deep to repair with the TracPacker but this help us identify the problem areas so we could repair them with rock and then we went back over the tracks with the TracPacker to finish the job.  To my amazement the pivot had no problems staying on top of the new tracks we just finished the day before. The owner and I also noticed that the pivot hasn’t looked that tall in years. This repair would not be possible with other packers; the dirt is too loose to stay in the track without having some time to settle in.    Thanks for a great product. 

Jeff Cordell,  C.R. Enterprises - Newton, KS

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Call 402-750-2199 for current prices.  All TracPacker units are sold less hydraulic hoses and tips, FOB the warehouse on farm south of Meadow Grove, NE

Arrangements for Ground Transport shipping are available through TracPacker®.  

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