TracPacker Advantages
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The TracPacker advantage is all about the elimination of stress in your farming operation.


To begin the crop growing season you have filled and packed your pivot tracks with the weight of the tractor giving you over 15 times the in-track compaction of any other system.


Since the tractor is being driven out in the field to move the soil into the pivot track it is a no-brainer to use it to pack the soil into the track.  The unique gauge wheel system out front delivers the proper amount of soil into the track as you travel to allow for level filled tracks all the time.


The early season benefit of filled level and well packed pivot tracks is smooth travel with planters, windrowers, balers, and no wildly bouncing sprayer booms.


The late season benefit of filled and well packed pivot tracks is shallower pivot tracks. 


Shallow pivot tracks mean less stress on tires, beams, spans, motors, and generators.  Irrigation systems simply do not work as hard to travel in shallow tracks as they do in deep tracks. 


The season long benefits of using the TracPacker became evident this spring of 2006 when my father Leo Gillespie and I replaced the first gearbox ever on a 30 year old Reinke pivot system.  I have been using the TracPacker on my center pivots since 1995, the year I invented it.


Designed, built, and marketed by a farmer, the TracPacker mission statement is:   “Helping farmers protect farm equipment from damage resulting from rough travel over unfilled or improperly filled pivot tracks while decreasing operating and maintenance costs in irrigation systems”.


Save time, labor, and reduce farm equipment repair cost with the TracPacker.


Call 402-750-2199 for current prices.  All TracPacker units are sold less hydraulic hoses and tips, FOB the warehouse on farm south of Meadow Grove, NE

Arrangements for Ground Transport shipping are available through TracPacker®.  

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