TracPacker Testimonials

I just wanted to send you this email to thank you for a great product.  I handle the maintenance and repair and operation on 17 pivots and our pivot tracks were getting out of control and other packers just caused me more work during the summer when I had very little time to spare.  The first pivot we closed was on a 7 tower machine we use to apply effluent and we get lots of extra passes with this machine and very little down time and after fall harvest we were desperate to get it back in shape to empty the lagoons.  We closed tracks that were 18” deep and some were to wet and to deep to repair with the Tracpacker but this help us identify the problem areas so we could repair them with rock and then we went back over the tracks with the Tracpacker to finish the job.  To my amazement the pivot had no problems staying on top of the new tracks we just finished the day before. The owner and I also noticed that the pivot hasn’t looked that tall in years. This repair would not be possible with other packers; the dirt is too loose to stay in the track without having some time to settle in.    Thanks for a great product. 

Jeff Cordell,  C.R. Enterprises - Newton, KS

I'm planting my first quarter of TracPacked bean ground.  Much easier on my planter and on my back.  Way better than the B** - J*** closer I was using before.

Tom Schrock

"Whether you have deep tracks or shallow tracks the gauge wheel keeps the Tracpacker at the optimum depth.  The varied diameter disks feather the soil so the track is completely gone unlike other pull behinds that leave you with two dips and a ramp.  It is a joy to run the stalk chopper at 10 mph and not have to worry about slowing down for all of the pivot tracks since we used the Tracpacker this year. We used the Tracpacker on 15 pivots this year."

Randy Urmacher, Juniata, NE

We use the TracPacker on about 700 acres of pivot-irrigated alfalfa with great success! The tracks are smooth enough to allow us to go up and down the field instead of in circles, and the chronic problem of tracks getting deeper in legumes over the years has been solved! Great work!

Tom Herink, Herink Farms, Leigh, NE

I have used my TracPacker for several years. It is by far the best product for closing the tracks on our farm. With the front gang closing and then the wheel packing and the rear gang closing and the back wheel packing we get track closure that is more than just filling the tracks with loose dirt that will work out during the first rounds on the new season. We are using our TracPacker on no-till conditions north of O'Neill, NE where we have a lot of pivot run time and a real tendency for deep tracks.  TracPacker has been very supportive.

Norman Nielsen, Inman, NE

The TracPacker Goes International!

Our TracPackers were purchased new in June of 2006 ( one of 5 we bought )... went to work right after harvest in September of 2006, and are doing an excellent job for us, right from the first day in the field.   Each of our TracPackers covers about 3000 acres of center pivot tracks, each year.  The tractor is a Belarus 130 hp front wheel assist.   We farm in the Ukraine.                                                                     Roger Denhart, St Joseph, Illinois

I've had my towable pivot since 1998 and I have had alfalfa under it since 2000.  I hadn't really done anything with the tracks and they were getting quite deep. It was getting to the point where the pivot was getting stuck in several places.   I got my TracPacker in August of 2004 and have packed the tracks in both circles.  You can hardly tell the pivot has gone by now in places where it was getting stuck before.  I had to make a couple of passes initially because my tracks were so deep.  It’s fast and easy to use and I enjoyed filling up those terrible tracks!  It's going to be a good investment.    

Greg Temple,  Temple Farms, Glendive. MT  


I am very satisfied with your TracPacker.  We were looking for a pivot track closer that would fill and pack the pivot track in one pass.  It did an excellent job packing the track with the front and back wheel.  We also like the fact that it is a smooth ride over the rows and is very simple to mount and operate on ridge till fields.  We have enjoyed dealing with your company that is farmer friendly that represents a good quality, durable, and reliable equipment. It has also been great dealing with a company that stands behind their equipment and has knowledge of the farming industry. 

Sincerely,   Rick Walters, R&M Farms,  Shickley, Ne


We've been very satisfied with the durability and performance of our TracPacker as we have used it only one season.  We look forward to using it again this fall as we didn't get to do every thing with it that we wanted to last fall.   We've observed less track and track washing this year where we used the TracPacker and it is much easier on equipment we use in the fields.  It has especially helped on sprayers as we don't have the "boom bounce" we've had in the past.  We feel the TracPacker has been a good investment for our operation.

Rex Kirchhoff,  Kirchhoff Farms, Inc.,  Hardy, NE


The TracPacker did everything for us Dan said it would.  We are very pleased with the job it does of filling and packing our pivot tracks.   When we went to Dan’s farm to check out the TracPacker, Dan took us out to his fields to show us the finished job we could expect.  We walked and drove over two pivots.  Dan let me make up my own mind with no sales pressure.   This year we took on a new farm with a new pivot on it.  It was ten year old alfalfa with two sets of tracks, the old tracks being pretty deep.  The TracPacker filled and packed all the tracks in fine style.  The quarter is gravel, sand, and gumbo and the TracPacker worked great in all the soil types.

When we needed a replacement jack for the adjustable gauge wheel it was provided free.  We feel that TracPacker gave us very good product support.

Don Stenger,  North Platte, NE


A September 2000 lightning strike short circuited the navigation system on one of Leo Gillespie’s pivots. Towers one through nine locked on, causing the system to go out of alignment and pull the wheels out of the pivot tracks perpendicularly.    My first comment on arriving at the field was “I know what happened here but I don’t know why this system is not laying in a pile”.    The shallow pivot tracks allowed the towers to slide out of the tracks. That late in the year pivot tracks are usually much deeper and towers buckle because the wheels cannot escape the deep tracks.    The TracPacker saved Dan and his Dad from having to pay for expensive late season pivot repairs in a field of maturing soybeans.

Jim Strahm,  Service Foreman, Elkhorn Valley Equipment  Tilden, NE

We are really happy with the TracPacker. It is the best track filler we have seen.    We rented the TracPacker from Randy Hughes to fill tracks in irrigated alfalfa and we will use it again this spring.  We used to windrow and bale in circles because the pivot tracks got too deep and rough. Now we are back to working straight through the field. You realize substantial time savings by not having to go in circles that last ten acres.  Word got around the neighborhood fast – one neighbor even rented the TracPacker to fill his tracks after he had windrowed straight through the field.   My uncle runs the combine in the corn and beans and says the pivot tracks are nothing like they used to be.

Lynn Rader,  Royal, NE

The TracPacker just does the best job of repacking all of the soil back into the pivot track.  The TracPacker system with the tractor tires packing the track has over 15 times the compaction that the competing pull behind, rolling packers have.  Pivot tracks are just not the problem they used to be.    The shallow tracks that TracPacker provides reduce system stress and decrease gearbox and tire problems.  Farm equipment travels through the field with no planter seed unit jolt or sprayer boom bounce.

Dan Gillespie, TracPacker L.L.C., Meadow Grove, NE


Dan fills my pivot tracks with his TracPacker and I haul corn for Dan with my semi-trailer in return. This works great for both of us!   The biggest advantage you get from the TracPacker is the stability of the pivot tracks. There really is no comparison at season end between just "filled pivot tracks" and TracPacker filled tracks.  I used one of the rear mount competitors with the roll behind packer on three pivots in spring 2003 to compare the performance. I am going back to the TracPacker on all of my systems in 2004.

Jim Geyer,  Newman Grove, NE

"The TracPacker is simply the best tool for closing pivot tracks. I shake my head when others try to use a folded tandem disk, field cultivator, or chisel plow because I have seen the superior job the TracPacker does. The track is filled level, packed, and little surface residue is disturbed. The TracPacker is the machine to use if you want the job done right!”

Brian Vavricek, Dry Creek Custom,
Schuyler, NE

I have used Dan's pivot track closer for several years. Dan has either closed my pivot tracks or I used this unit myself. In return we have hauled corn for him. I believe the TracPacker leaves the tracks more level than other products on the market today, and because of the way the soil is repacked into the track, it will leave your pivot tracks shallower after the irrigation season. Give it a look before you buy anything else.

Rod Zessin
Blake & Andy
Madison, NE

We are pleased with the performance of our TracPacker. The TracPacker has delivered the job it was designed to do. Our pivot tracks are filled and packed in one easy pass and machinery moves through the fields smoothly.

We also rent the TracPacker to neighbors. One neighbor who rented the TracPacker this spring commented recently that his year end pivot tracks were the shallowest they have been in years.

Randy Hughes,  Royal, NE


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